Monday, May 5, 2008

Funny Faces.

Recently Hayden has become a little chatter box. Constantly Mommy look at this new move, Mommy can we go to the park so I can do this and that and more of everything, Mommy can we build at tree house, Mommy can we go into space and on and on and on. Sometimes it's hilarious and sometimes it drives me nuts. I have to keep my cool and say Hayden can we stop talking for a little while and have some quiet time. Sometimes I don't keep my cool and it's Hayden could you stop talking. Another one of his things that he could do forever is make funny faces. He of course only makes 2-3 different faces but in his mind they are all different and new. And he asks with each one, Hey Mommy look at this funny face, or look at this new funny face, or is this a way funny face? He is so detail oriented, our Corn Puff cereal isn't just the yellow cereal or the Puff cereal, no, it's the Yellow Cereal that We got at Daddy's store yesterday. He has to call it that every time he references that cereal, the whole thing every time. And that's just one of the many names he has for things that are a mile long.

I was once again trying to capture one of Grady's really big smiles, failed once again, and Hayden wanted his picture taken. I obliged but did not expect this and then we just went with it and came out with two really good ones. Now I'll never forget the never ending funny faces.

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