Sunday, October 3, 2010

Snaggle Tooth

Hayden lost one of his baby teeth, unfortunately until the other one fell out he looked like..... well this. He would not pull out the other tooth even thought it was totally ready. So I told him his new name was snaggle tooth until his other tooth fell out.

Keep the Commandments

I went to pick up Hayden and Coy from school, which I do twice a week because their bus ride is so long, and his teacher told me a cute story. She said they were talking about respect and what it meant. Then she had each of the students tell something that was respectful, as she went around the children said the normal things like, be nice, tell the truth ect.. When she got to Coy said we have to follow Jesus Christ's Commandments. I was so pleased and amused. I guess the hold to the rod FHE stuck that we did the night before.

As if that story about Coy wasn't funny and cute enough the most recent one is more creative. Again picking the kids up from school and talking to the teachers. This time Coy was writing in his drawing in his journal and his teacher came around to ask what his drawing was about so she could write it down. He said, "This is a monster from and dream and he is allergic to nice." Hahaha. What a kid, she thought it was so funny she had to tell it to another teacher and obviously I think both are worth noting in my blog. Coy Coy Coy, boy we love that kid.