Friday, August 8, 2008

Treasure Hunt

Hayden started begging me for a treasure hunt. At last I agreed and started brainstorming. I quickly drew out 3 maps of the 3 different floors of our house. This was map #1 which led to map #2.
Coy holding up map #2. Map #2 of course led to map #3 which Hayden has now discovered.
Which led to my treasure.... can? I know I know but what do you do in a crunch? It was the best thing I had. Hayden was a bit confused to find a can and not a full blown treasure chest, but it's what was inside that counts. Some yummy chocolate pudding. They enjoyed this treat and I will for sure have to create another one soon.

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Trish the Dish said...

How cute! I used to do these for my brother and sister when they were little and it was fun for all of us. I'll have to keep up the tradition with my kids. BTW - your little guys are super cute! Glad to see you are doing so well!