Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Point

The Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving point was by far our favorite stop during our trip. What an amazing place. It really puts into perspective how big these incredible animals were. Travis and I were so impressed. In fact Travis went to get more information on the 3D movie they have there when we thought we should be about complete came back and said "Wow, we are not even half way done."
Hayden loved the sand part where you find the bones, which is odd because he strongly dislikes sand on his feet. I guess it was well worth the discomfort to dig up bones because he didn't complain once. In fact we basically had to drag him out of there. Coy didn't like it at all he played for 5 minutes, when he realized throwing the sand was against the rules he opted out.

I don't think Grady new what to do, but he enjoyed being able to run around in a new place.

I don't remember what Dinosaur that foot belongs to but we sure thought it was cool that is was the size of Coy.

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