Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sailing in Bermuda

At 2:00 our first day in Bermuda we set sail on the Rising Son II sail boat. This guy was our tour guide. He was not your typical tour guide. He let us ask questions and answered them instead of just giving the same old information every tour he does.

He enlisted the help of some people on the boat to lift the sail in exchange for some rum, which is the choice alcohol in Bermuda.

 This home is the most expensive home in Bermuda. He owns this entire Island. His home is worth 77 million, crazy. He is the Bill Gates of the internet.

 The Chinese government gave him two of these statues to thank him for his help with the internet in China. They represent good luck, they are all over the place in China.
 Bermuda is one of the most densely populated countries and they have the best coral reef in the world. They have these beautiful fish called Peri fish that clean the reef by eating the algae and other stuff that accumulates on the reef keeping it beautiful, clean, and colorful. There is a 500,000 dollar fine for catching a peri fish.
 You can't live in Bermuda unless you are extremely rich or a from a Bermudian bloodline. If you are an outsider and your want to live here you have to purchase a home that at least cost the average home cost in the country. Then you have to have 200,000 dollars on hold at a Bermudian bank at all times, also you don't actually ever get to own the home it's on loan to you for 98 years then it goes back to the government and if that doesn't deter you if you can meet all those requirements you are only allowed to live there half time.
 When we got to our location we went snorkeling and explored the coral reef and fish. That was so cool to see fish in their natural habitat. After that we got to try paddle boarding which I loved. It was a little tricky at first but I dot the hang of it.

When we went back to our room there was elephant welcoming us back.

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