Saturday, December 1, 2007

3 more months.

6 months a long and 3 more to go. I swear it's a boy if my intuition tells me anything. My sweets craving is back ten fold. Give me lucky charms, ice cream, and Oreo's double stuffed dipped in milk. My mouth is watering just writing it. I feel quite big, but don't feel like I look that big. I'm really feeling the extra weight now during my sleep and especially going up and down stairs. I am definitely in a don't touch me mode. Which is not like me because I am normally very affectionate person. It's not obsessive I still want to hug and comfort my kids, or give Travis a kiss good by, but I that is enough. I have heart burn and am starting to feel my energy drop a little more every week. The count down is on. I'm ready to meet the little guy and not be pregnant anymore.


Jessie Eyre said...

It's true, Shannon. You don't LOOK very big at all. Especially for being 6 months along! Show us more pictures of your house all done up! I'm so excited for you!
Love you tons!

Megan said...

We need to make sure we get a picture of us preggo together!! Love the shirt!

Krista said...

All the girls in my ward are having's a boy I would put money on a boy too!