Sunday, March 2, 2008

Snow Snow Snow!

The snow we have received this year is record breaking. The most snow Maine has ever received, EVER! We have a very wide driveway and our plow guy has told us he doesn't know where he is going to put it any more. Driving in town there are huge snow blowers, blowing the snow banks into dump trucks. Here are a few pictures of all our wonderful snow.
This is a path we have to keep clear because it's where our oil tank gets filled up, also the entry way to our screened in porch on the right side of our house.

This is just a snow banking on the side of our driveway it is well above my head.

You can barely see the top of our porch railing but it's still there. Our porch stretches across the front of our house and the snow bank is this high the whole way across. Again at least a foot or more taller than me.

The path to the mane entry way to the house on the left side. Unfortunately it's also the longest pathway to the house but it leads to the mud room which we definetly want to use with all this wet snow.
Another angle of the main entry way path. The snow banks probably come up to my shoulders. And we still have another good months of snow ahead of us. Say a prayer that we don't all flood out of our homes this spring, which is my biggest concern right now. The whitest winter ever.


pmaynes said...

WOW, and I have been complaining about our snow which has been well above average. But it is nothing like that! Ours is mostly melted now that the temps have been in the upper 40's. We are already dealing with the flooding which has caused a major road closure to our house. Gotta love it!

stevemichelle said...

Grady looks very healthy. That is alot of Snow more than we got, it looks like Alta or one of the ski areas. The Boys look like they are very comfortable with their new brother. We'll be seeing you all very soon.