Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sleeping Grady

Grady had a little bit of Jaundice so we put him in the sun for a couple of days just to be safe and it cleared right up. Thanks to Grandma Sue we have a bouncer again which has come in very handy. With two little boys running wild through the house we can't just lay him on the floor on a blanket like we could Hayden and even Coy occasionally. Even when we lay him in a perfectly safe place he is so small the boys forget and he has almost got sat on a few times. I had to take a picture of Grady in this red sleeper. It's a preemie size and he won't fit in it much longer, but it's so small it would fit a doll. We have pictures of Coy in this too. It's hard to believe our big boy Coy was this small once. Makes me sad our little family is growing up.

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Megan said...

I love his little red jammies. My kids have had the same ones!