Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Egg Decorating

It doesn't seem possible that Easter is here already, but I keep telling myself it's because it's so early this year. This is our first year in Maine for Easter. Even though we lived here for Easter last year we decided to take our trip to Utah during April last year, so we were able to enjoy the warm spring air and traditional Easter breakfast at Grandma Sue's with chocolate milk and all kinds of goodies.
It was also a tradition for Grandma Sue to decorate Easter eggs with the kids. So Mom had to take that task on this year and I have to say the mess was minimal and the kids did really well. They loved coloring the eggs.

Coy loved scooping his egg out with the spoon and dropping so it would splash and Hayden of course was ever so careful so his egg wouldn't crack. They each got to do five eggs, one of each color.

Hayden was especially excited to be doing this because he believes the Easter Bunny will be so happy with him for decorating eggs for him. You can see him in the middle of flapping his arms on the left. The classic sign of excitement for Hayden.

They boys were admiring their eggs once they were all colored, but they didn't know we still had shiny foil to put on them.
Hayden loved putting the extra foil colors on his eggs and had to use a different color on each egg. I got Coy to put the foil on his eggs but he wasn't interested because on his first egg that he attempted the foil, it cracked and he quickly discovered how much fun it is to peel and crumble eggs. I had to tell him the whole rest of the time not to crack the rest of his eggs, since he found it especially felt cool to put the egg in his fist and squeeze and watch the yellow and white ooze out of his hand.

Here they are the finished product. Beautiful huh? I'm sure the Easter Bunny will for sure love them and give them extra candy in their plastic eggs for all their hard work. In case any of you were wondering Grady was sleeping through the whole thing. So it was a great time for the boys without the baby.

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Jess, Dust, and Wyatt said...

With every picture it changes, but today I say that Hayden looks more like YOU, Coy is a dead ringer for Travis, and Grady looks like Coy. I'm sure it will change again with the next picture you post...but there you have it. :)

I'm eating leftover pasta in my jammies right now waiting for Wyatt to wake up. The sauce is slurping onto my chin and keyboard. Life REALLY changes with babies, doesn't it!? :) Whatever happened to my good 'ol oatmeal breakfast?! :)