Saturday, September 6, 2008

Windsor Fair

Every year Travis and I meet up with my parents and go to the Windsor Fair. It's the perfect fair for small kids. Just enough rides, not over populated, horse racing, and lots of animals. The boys were so good this year. We didn't have to use the leash with Coy he listened really well. What a relief that he is finally starting to get the importance of staying close in public places. My little Niece Jenna joined us this year and was in Heaven. Grady was a trooper as long as someone was holding him. He is not a stroller baby and it was way to hot for the Bjorn, so we all just took turns. We love this fair and hope to keep up this tradition for many years to come.

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Megan and Sean said...

Fun! Hey, it's 8am I can't think of anything else to say!