Monday, September 29, 2008

Seven Month Old Grady

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Grady is now seven months old. On the down hill slope to one year. I wish I could keep him this size because he is just so much fun. I would have sworn that he would be crawling by now, but figuring out how to coordinate his arms with his feet is proving to be a little difficult. He get closer and closer every day. He gets so excited when he sees me. And now has the stranger danger, where he is a little uneasy with people he doesn't know. As soon as I walk in the room he goes from content to cranky because he saw me and was offended I didn't pick him up. I have to admit it makes my heart swell. He also has started this new thing where he scrunches up his nose and blows in and out through it. Its really funny. He loves his Daddy and brothers too. They all have so much fun with him. He is such a sweet baby. We all just can't get enough.

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