Wednesday, September 3, 2008

6 Months Old

I know it's a little late but on August 25th our little Grady hit the half year mark. With how fast his legs were flying in the air a month ago I was scared for sure he would be crawling by now. But alas I am still safe although he does manage to squirm and roll across the room from time to time. He is no longer happy all the time, thanks to the wonderful world of teething, but all in all is still a content baby. He is starting to cry when I walk by without picking him up or if he sees me when someone else is holding me. Stranger danger is starting which is a phase I do not like. It's always something though isn't it. He is eating rice cereal and loving it. He is also right on time with his clothing pushing out of some 3-6 sizes and fitting in some 6-9's. This time of year always makes me take a deep breath and try to relax and even more so this year. Every time Coy's birthday hits it's like I blink and the next year is here. This time I really want to slow it down because Grady will only be this small for so long and I really want to enjoy the last half of his first year.

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