Thursday, December 1, 2011

More Days with Harper

My old childhood neighbor, who is a master knitter, made these purple knit boots. I love them, I feel like she had her very own unique baby uggs.

Harper's first Sunday. It was so much fun to take her to church and show her off. So precious, everyone of course thought she was beautiful.

Travis's workers sent us one of those cookies by design bouquets. Yummm! You wouldn't think that they would actually taste good but they are delicious and cute.

I couldn't wait for her first Sunday to put her in a dress so I did it just for fun on a week day. Why not? Naked time.

Getting some Daddy love.

Grady can not enough of Harper. He loves her so much and wants to give her hugs all the time and he is so gentle. He says "I love my baby sister so much, she is so cute."

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