Monday, April 21, 2008

Call Me Crazy!

As if I don't have enough on my plate. Between working out, taking care of three young boys, being the Young Woman's president in my church, Travis just got called as the new Branch President in our church, keeping the house up for a husband who is anally clean, and fitting in personal time to eat and shower (you know the non essentials :), some might say the last thing we needed was Macie. What can I say I finally got a girl. We were going to wait another year to get a dog. Yes I said it WE GOT A DOG, CALL ME CRAZY! When Travis brought home a picture of a very cute Beagle who needed a good home because her mom was moving and couldn't take her with her, who was already trained, already used to small kids, and only 2 years old so essentially still a puppy, I couldn't resist. She is already fixed and all her shots are up to date. They gave us all the dog things, everything for free, and she has adjusted so far really well to us. She hardly sheds and is perfect size for us, not too big not too small. She needs some training and nights have been a little difficult since she used to sleep under the blankets with her old owner. We have been trying to get her to sleep with the boys, they love to have her with them, but she prefers Travis and I so it's a work in progress, with Travis's allergies she just can't sleep in our room. But over all she is a great dog. Hardly barks at all, and listens all in all pretty well. So here she is meet the second girl in the family, Macie.


Jess, Dust, and Wyatt said...

You asked me to---YOU'RE CRAZY!

Nah, I'm a dog person, myself. But I'm still getting used to this puppy I call my son. One day, though, we'll join the dog-owners association. My dad has 3 right we'll live vicariously through you and him, how's that?!

Sure love the pictures! Keep 'em coming! Love you!

The Snyder's said...

Yes Shannon, you are CRAZY. Congrats on the new calling. And sooo sorry you will not have Travis' help during sacrament meeting...and before/after church...and many nights during the week. May Heavenly Father send many blessings your way.

As for me we won't be getting a dog until Travis is at least 12 and can take care of it himself. I have enough to take care of as it is.

Your amazing!


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