Friday, June 13, 2008

Irony Part II

Grady is so much fun now. I am such a huge fan in this Bumbo, it's light and easy to take with you anywhere and he loves it. Between the Bumbo, swing, bouncer, play gym, the floor, and the time I have to actually entertain him, he is happy almost always during his awake time. If I could guarantee that our next kid would be this good than I probably would have a fourth, but alas there are not guarantees so were probably done. Why is it that the one baby I have that I want to grow up slowly is growing the fastest of all? A little more irony for me. I have never had almost 4 months fly by so fast in my entire life. It's scary, where did it go? I don't even have a new born anymore. I'm going through the baby clothes bins organizing, pulling out 3-6 month cloths, finally putting away new born clothes, and some 0-3 that he just won't squeeze into anymore and memories are rushing through my mind. I can remember Hayden just learning how to walk in this outfit, and Coy playing in my cabinets with his silly red tassel hat on. My heart begins to ache and I start to really grasp what all the grandmas keep telling me "These are the best years of my life." Despite all the frustrating moments I'm trying to enjoy this time, because when I "remember when" it's only fond memories, not frustrating ones.

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Ed & Lindsey said...

Cute updates!! You're boys are so handsome! You're a busy mama! Time flies!! I can't believe when I met you you had no children!!