Friday, June 6, 2008



You decide, who looks like who? Every one keeps asking, so here it is a picture of all three boys at approximately the same age. I think in this picture Grady looks more like Coy, but in others more like Hayden. All I know for sure is there all cute.


Jess, Dust, and Wyatt said...

Hmmmm....I guess I would have to say that Grady looks like Coy. Yep. That's my conclusion. It's nearly midnight here. We just had a gazillion friends over for a movie night and all our babies are tired and fussy....just blogging to unwind. Sure love seeing pictures of you boys. So cute!

Miss you! Wish you could have come to movie night!

The Snyder's said...

I think he is a perfect mix of both Coy and Hayden. Sooo super cute!!

Megan said...

Like both but more like Hayden I think!