Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

So a week ago I got a huge, incredibly heavy box from my sister. In fact it was so big and heavy the post worker informed me that the package was a topic of conversation for them and was seriously concerned on whether or not I could carry it to the car. Well I did but I had to move fast because it wasn't going to last for long. I knew there were shoes in there but, this was like shoe Christmas. My mom and I pawed through all the Italian designers, Franco Sartos, and Banana Republics. My mom drooling with envy because she won't fit in any of them and me giddy as a school girl at all my new shoes. Can you believe she still has a huge shoe and clothing wardrobe after giving me all this stuff. She is my own personal shopper, or so it feels like it. There were lots of other fun things in there too, but there were so many pairs of beautiful shoes I had to share with those who care about this kind of thing.

I love you Nica but there are just some fashion trends I refuse to succumb to and these boots are one of them. These are Italian and I guess some people actually wear these in Italy. They are stilettos and tights in one. My mom and I were busting a gut when we pulled these bad boys out. Are you kidding me. If this is what they are wearing in Italy count me out. I guess I will just be unfashionable in Europe until these pass by because I wouldn't be caught dead in these puppys.


Brad and Rebecca said...

okay- you are officially the luckiest girl i know! what does your sister do?

Megan said...

Oh gosh, I wish we wore the same size!!!! I can see FOUR of the SAME shoe, just in different colors!!!! So jealous!! BTW those are freaky shoes. I'd be tempted to keep them for a crazy A halloween party!!